Description and Applications
HJ600R is a titanium type electrode for surfacing worn parts of mining machinery, conveyors, and agricultural machinery.
Deposited metal of about 580∼600 vickers hardness and martensitic structure provides high toughness in spite of high hardness and excellent abrasion resistance.

Guideline in Usage


Electrode should be re-dried at 100120℃ for 60 minutes before use.


Remove dirt such as oil and dust before welding.

Typical Chemical Composition of Weld Metal(%)
C Si Mn P S Cr Mo
0.350 0.400 0.701 0.010 0.010 4.90 0.700
Typical Hardness of Weld Metal (Vickers Hardness)
As-Welded Layer
585 2nd
Size & Recommended Current RangeAC
Diameter (mm)
3.2 4.0 5.0
Length (mm) 
350 400 450
Current (Amp) F 100~140 140~190 180~230