AWS E308-26

Description and Applications
HE308M is a high welding efficiency stainless steel electrode with mild steel core wire, for welding of 18Cr8Ni stainless steel. With thicker coating flux, it shows excellent weld ability under higher amperage. Suitable for flat welding.

Guideline in Usage

1. Electrodes should be re-dried at 250 300℃ for one hour before use
2. Excessively wide weaving may cause welding defects. Keep weaving width to less than 2.5 times electrode diameter.
3. Remove dirt such as oil and dust from the groove
Typical Chemical Composition of Weld Metal(%)
C Si Mn P S Ni Cr
0.050 0.56 0.690 0.014 0.014 9.80 19.10
Typical Mechanical Properties of Weld Metal
Yield Strength
570 36
Size & Recommended Current RangeAC
Diameter (mm)
3.2 4.0 5.0
Length (mm) 
350 350 350
Current (Amp) F 100~140 150~190 190~250